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BreadShare Bakehouse

An Artisan Micro-Bakery

Hand-Crafting Bread and Pastries

Made from 100% Organic Grains

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'Bread is for Sharing'

NO Bake this week!
Preordering will begin Sunday, May 26th.

avened Sourdough Loaves, Raisin Sourdough, Milk Bread and Sandwich Buns, Traditional, Chocolate and Strawberry Vanilla Croissants, Iced Cinnamon Rolls, and Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookies

Next Bread Drop, Saturday, June 1st.
The Green Berry, 409 Main Street, IRWIN, 11am-1pm.
McConnell Trails, Prudence & Frances Ln, CECIL, 3pm-5pm.
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Raisin SD_edited.jpg
Naturally-Leavened Sourdough Loaves, Raisin Sourdough
Milk Bread Loaves, and Sandwich Buns
Raisin Sourdough
Traditional Butter and  Chocolate Croissants  
Strawberry Cream.jpg
Strawberry Vanilla  Croissants
Iced Cinnamon Rolls
Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Bakery

BreadShare Bakehouse, LLC (BSBH) is a micro-bakery originally located in Manor, Pennsylvania and recently relocated to Cecil, PA. BSBH specializes in hand-crafted, naturally-leavened 'sourdough' bread and French-style pastry made from locally-sourced 100% organic grains.  The bakery is a registered Limited Food Establishment with a permit issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. 


All the bread and pastries are meticulously prepared in small batches in a cottage-style home bakehouse.  Sourdough bread, a staple here at BreadShare Bakehouse is naturally fermented and baked in a stone-lined oven producing robustly flavorful, gut-friendly artisan bread from literally 3 ingredients…flour, water and salt, that’s it!  Baking bread progressed into making laminated dough for pastries such as croissants and morning buns, cinnamon rolls and sticky buns, focaccia, cookies and scones.


Bread is baked at high temperatures and the crust is blistered and chewy with a sweet caramelized flavor that complements beautifully the inside (crumb), which is soft and custard-like.  All of the bread is made with 100% organic wheat flour and/or whole-grain wheat flour in varying combinations and is locally-sourced from Frankferd Farms located in Saxonburg, PA.  None of the sourdough bread made at BreadShare Bakehouse uses dough conditioners or preservatives, or commercial yeast.


Variations of our ‘Country’ sourdough include rustic, loaves covered in sesame seeds or rolled oats, seeded throughout with flax, sesame, and toasted sunflower seeds, and rolled oats, and raisin bread to name a few.  BreadShare Bakehouse also bakes heartier more robust bread including 100% whole wheat and rye breads.  Sourdough bread is deliciously hearty bread and great for toasting slathered with butter, with fresh tomatoes or Caprese, dipped in olive oil, or as tartines (open-face with toppings such as peanut butter and honey, or avocado).  Other similar naturally-leavened bread offerings include herb focaccia, ciabatta, baguettes, and bagels.


Viennoieserie (Ve-en-waus-ser-e), or laminated pastries, are made with the same 100% organic wheat flour as our bread, also includes a levain preferment for enhanced flavor and a small amount of commercial yeast to help with fermentation and processing the sugar in the formula.  The ‘butter block’ enclosure in our laminated dough is European butter, which has a higher fat content than typical butter made in the U.S., giving the pastry a smooth texture and rich buttery flavor. Croissants also take 3 days to make, and our brioche, dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, and babka take 2 days.  This slow meticulous process yields delicious, mouth-watering pastries and sweet breads that are great on their own or with your favorite coffee or tea. Ingredient decks are available for all the bread and pastries as well as the location of the sourcing of all ingredients.

BreadShare Bakehouse offers bread and pastry on a pre-order basis.  Preordering and payment are made following the "ORDER HERE" menu link above. Pre-orders are made from Sunday to Wednesday, or until sold out, with alternating pick-up locations at The Green Berry, 409 Main Street, Irwin and in McConnell Trails, Prudence and Frances Lane, Cecil on alternating Saturdays from 11am - 1pm.

Click on ORDER HERE above for this week's offerings and pickup location. Gift cards are also available and can be redeemed anytime.  Click on the "Gift Card" at the top of this HOME page.


The Baker

Hello, my name is Blaise Genes.  I have had a long engineering career but over the last several years, I have been deeply immersed in a new-found passion for creating naturally-leavened (sourdough) bread.  After years of training and baking bread gratis, and some encouragement, I am now the owner and baker at BreadShare Bakehouse, LLC.  BreadShare Bakehouse is a one-man, home-style micro-bakery, which specializes in hand-crafted sourdough bread and pastry made from 100% organic grains, and all ingredients are locally sourced from the Western PA area.


There’s obviously a long story going from engineer to baker, but to make a long story short, my daughter and son-in-law live in San Francisco, and I began taking bread and pastry training classes at the San Francisco Baking Institute (SFBI) during our visits to the Bay Area.  Working with equally passionate bakers from around the world who attend SFBI has been incredibly inspiring.   Baking as a hobby has evolved into passion (obsession?), and well, one thing led to another, and here I am.

I have been honing my skills through numerous SFBI bread and pastry workshops, and I have completed training in production bakeries in San Francisco to understand the skills (and hustle) needed to prep, scale, mix, bulk, divide, shape, proof, retard and bake large quantities of consistent, delicious bread and pastry.  Back in PA, I have been baking for several years as BSBH and started baking for family and friends, community outreach meals, fundraisers, and I have enjoyed sharing a lot of bread.  Over the years, one sentiment about baking has resonated with me, and it has not only inspired the name of my bakery, but it has become my baking mantra.  “Bread is for sharing.”

Blais Genes picture

At BreadShare Bakehouse, we bake offerings on a weekly preorder basis.  I also offer wholesale bread and pastry partnering with local restaurants and cafes.  I enjoy meeting people who love great bread and being the local artisan baker, providing hand-crafted, naturally-fermented bread and pastry made from locally-sourced 100% organic grains, right in your backyard.  This is the simple purpose of BreadShare Bakehouse. Click on ORDER HERE above for this week's and bread drop location.

Bread is for Sharing!



Bread and Pastry Offerings

There are numerous bread and pastry options on the menu of products baked at BreadShare Bakehouse; however, as a one-man micro-bakery, a few options will be chosen weekly for sale.  As orders and baking become routine, larger volume and more choices will be made available weekly, and particularly around the holidays. 


I offer sourdough bread weekly and compliment bread options with croissants, brioche, buns, focaccia, ciabatta, cookies, scones, and other seasonal variations.


Click on the ALL BAKED GOODS below to see all the variety of future offerings.

Thank You.
I sincerely appreciate your support.  Bread is for Sharing!
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